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Feeling overwhelmed with all the options for mobile presets?

Not sure what to get?

Don't worry, I have made it easy for you with multiple collections of presets specifically made to match your Instagram aesthetic.

Step up your Instagram photos and choose a collection that speaks to you!

Step Up Your Insta Game

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Go from this...

To this!


How This Works

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Look through my preset collections to find your perfect aesthetic!

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Purchase the preset collection that speaks to you!

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Download the presets to your Lightroom Mobile App

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Get beautifully branded photos, effortlessly.


All your questions, answered!

What are presets?

Presets are one-click edits or filters for your photos. These presets are custom made and created to use when editing on your mobile device - they will not work on your desktop! I developed these presets to need as little adjustments as possible, but depending on the original lighting and color situation in your photo, you may need to make a few adjustments. If you ever have questions about editing, feel free to email Lydia at and I'll be happy to answer your questions!

—  Name, Title


When I used to help businesses, bloggers and musicians rebrand and grow their Instagram feed, the very first thing I would get them to do was get a preset!


I tell every one of my clients that their Instagram accounts are their virtual business cards. If someone wants to work with you, the first thing they will do is look at your feed.


You want your feed to represent your style and brand. And that's where presets come in to help! Presets take the guessing out of editing. When you have a preset, you know that your feed will be cohesive because the preset helps to maintain the same colors, lighting and style!


If you don't have the Adobe Lightroom app and you edit on Instagram or VSCO, take my photography advice and make the switch (the app is free!)


Find a preset that you feel suits your style and brand! I was able to grow my business off of social media and so can you!

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Love Notes

"I bought these presets awhile back and I love them. I have other presets, but 95% of the time I always pick your presets. My guy friend had me fix his photos and he always picked yours!"


Are you in need of a preset to brighten even the darkest of photos? Megan and Liz's Winter Pack is the perfect one for you!

Looking for everyday, beautiful presets to make your everyday life and style look Instagram-worthy? We recommend Darlyn-Ann's Presets

Are you into presets that are natural, crisp and true to color photos for your Instagram grid? We recommend Jessica and Natalie's Light Pack Presets!

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